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Who we do not like

Natwest Rubbish Bank for Business

High fees for business banking after the introductory free and half price rates, try Abbey Business bank instead: Earn 30 quid interest a month instead of paying 10 quid a month charges.

The Rubbish Natwest business credit card was also a pain, they tried to slip charges in to statements when they said it was free, they didn't refund a reported fraud payment because "oh businesses don't usually chase those", hmmm, and though they spotted one fraud payment one month, they failed to spot another 500 quid's worth on the same day! Useless.

The nat west one account does not allow bill payment to a bank and sortcode, without ringing up first, which some might think is a good thing, (safer), but I find quite annoying.

Rubbish VW Martins in Camberley

Rubbish servicing and customer service. First case of bad service was when the car was in for a service on the satirday England were playing in the world cup that afternoon. We got no call from the garage to say whether or not the car was finished and we coul dpick it up. We rang a few times and got no reply, so we went round there to find the place had shut early and some bloke who did not really know what to charge us or if the car was really finished and safe.

Second case was the car seemed to be using a lot of water and the overheating light kept coming on. We took it in to get ifxed because this can obviously wreck an engine. they replaced a themostat. Two weeks later the on it's first long journey the car overheated. Ohthw water pump has gone now. Right so was the waterpump checked before. "There is no way to check a water pump." they said. hmmm. so we ended up paying £1300 for a new head as the head had warped with the heat. It's a coincidence the pump went they said. Sorry I do not believe in coincedences with cars and garages.

The last straw was when the headlights were not working, £90 +parts +vat for headlight bulb replacement!!!

Ridiculous. I have since talked to a few mates about Martins VW and they have all told similar stories.

New VW Beetle bad design.

If you see the mechanism for replacing the headlight bulbs you will be amazed. Any car that costs £90 to replace headlight bulbs is not worth having. Also if you are above 5ft 11inches you will not be comfortable in the back of the car. In fact I suggest it is dangerous to be in there, not enough head room.